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Adoy AB is proud to offer a large range of accessories for motorcycles on the Nordic market. We strive to distribute high quality accessories and help our customers choose the right product. Visit our dealers to buy the highest quality motorcycle accessories

We at Adoy AB offer a wide range of Elmopeders for the Nordic market. With our professional distribution and broad knowledge, we help our customers find the right product. Visit our dealers to buy your Elmoped today.

Surron, E Ride Pro, Gowow and E-boost is marketed in Sweden by Adoy AB.

Peter, civil engineer and serial entrepreneur who runs a business in retail and has a major interest in motors.

Christian, computer scientist and entrepreneur who runs companies in IT.

Alex, helped start the import of Sur-Ron to Sweden, he keeps up to date with everything to do with electric motorcycles, battery expert at Northvolt. Helping us from time to time with technical questions.

The import of Sur-ron was started in 2017, since then we have continuously worked on importing Sur-ron and accessories to Sweden. The ambition since 1 year ago is to create a dealer network that can locally help customers with both sales and service of Sur-ron products.

We are now located in around 10 locations in Sweden.